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Mario Kovar (# 36)


SELECT nazev,cas.id as id,cas.id_zavod as id_zavod,id_zavod_orig,cip,cas,cas as id_casove, SUBSTRING(cas.cas + interval 3600 second,11,12) as cas2, gate,ant,rawcip,other, IFNULL(TIMEDIFF(cas, ( SELECT cas FROM cas WHERE cas.cas < id_casove AND cas.cas>"20200627050219.701792" AND cas.id_zavod =1713 AND (cip=2036) ORDER BY cas DESC LIMIT 1)), TIMEDIFF(cas, "20200627050219.701792")) as mezicas, TIMEDIFF(cas, "20200627050219.701792") as cas_od_startu FROM cas LEFT JOIN gate ON gate.id_gate=cas.gate WHERE cas>20200627050219.701792 AND gate.id_zavod=cas.id_zavod AND cas.id_zavod=1713 AND (cip=2036) GROUP BY cas.id ORDER BY cas ASC LIMIT 100
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